I became interested in real estate in my early twenties. I was a first-time home buyer and I thought that I could find the perfect first home without the help of a broker. After months of searching I found the house that would later become my home. Unfortunately, because I didnít have a broker I was unprepared for the mountain of paperwork that lay ahead. Luckily, I soon came to terms with the fact, that I at the time, was woefully unprepared to negotiate or draft a deal. I found a broker and suddenly home buying wasnít as scary and my dismay turned to excitement. My broker and I charged ahead and got my first house under budget an on better terms than I ever dreamed. For me it was a turning point. I grew a deep founded respect for brokers and their knowledge of local laws and the nuances of financing. This first brush with real estate empowered me to become a broker and be that person to remove fears an also make home buying and selling a memorable experience in a good way.


I have traversed the ups and downs of not only selling but home buying. I truly understand the emotions and trials of the home buyer experience. Because of this I can assist my clients with navigating through the challenges to achieve their goals. I specialize in finding my buyers and sellers the right house for their needs. I personally believe a house isnít only a place to live but a place where we make memories and nourish our lives. As an agent I spend a good share of my time on continuing education. My clients receive my undivided attention and representing their needs is my number one priority.


I was born and raised in Mason County but have since lived around the country. I am a mother of two fantastic children while working with me you are likely to also meet them. My husband and I have been close since we were children and grew up right down the road from each other. We became friend when I was five and only have grown closer through all these years. My family are avid hikers and we try to get away most days off. We also love swimming, boating, and camping. I came to work at Reid Real Estate in 2017 after being a stay at home mom for six years. I taught Sunday school and worked heavily with outreach programs for low income, disaster relief, and homeless clothing dives to help support some of our communities most venerable people. Before that I worked for the law enforcement in three states for six years where I was a head union representative for my yard. I through my pervious jobs have learned great communication skills as well as the ability to negotiate through very difficult situations. When I was younger I was a volunteer fire fighter. Through my careers have stood to protect our community and have put my own physical safety on the line to defend its families. When my kids became old enough to enter the school system full time I decided to embark on a new career. I have begun a new chapter in my life and I would love to help you achieve your goals.


-Graduated Rockwell Institute 2017 -Advanced MLS Training -New Subscriber Orientation Certificated -COTA Graduate Class 776 -Graduate of teen mental health first response -Prior First Responder -Previously trained in Wild land firefighting -Structural firefighting -Previous first responder training -Fire arms qualified in three states -Self-defense qualified in three states -Course completed in early childhood development -Courses completed in business management -Phone system development